Beer Research

White beer gives a slight creamy mouthfeel when some additives are added


Originally brewed with higher alcohol and more hops to withstand the voyage to the British colonists in India, in the hands of American brewers, the IPA has become a full bodied, assertively bitter beer. A London beer, probably named for the porters who carried goods around the city, porter was developed as single beer that resembled a popular blend of beers known as three threads.

Descended from porters, stouts are the darkest of the ales, near black to black in color. Brewed with a measure of roasted barley that give stouts a burnt-toast gristiness lacking in porters. Expect stouts to be rich with espresso tones. Sweet, strong, malt-dominated beers, with good hop balance. Rich, with notes of caramel and stone fruit.

Belgian wit bier or white beer in crafts beer research and analysis

Brewed with a measure of unmalted wheat, which gives Spices,most often coriander, orange peel is typically added, and the beer undergoes a degree of lactic fermentation for a touch of sourness.These deep red, wine-like beers from Flanders acquire a deliberately lactic sourness during their long aging, traditionally in huge oak barrels.

Duvel is the original of this style, a pale golden beer with a huge white head, marked hoppiness balancing sweet tropical fruit notes, and a deceptively light body for such high alcohol. Saison. Ales brewed with a measure of wheat, but using conventional yeast, thus avoiding the more exotic esters present in a hefeweizen. They are often flavored with fruit.