Beverage Drinkers

A variety of taste specifications observed in different countries

The regions with high levels of bicarbonate in their water, such as London or Dublin, have become known for their darker beers. This is because bicarbonate affects the pH of the water. Yeast don’t perform well faced with too high a pH. Brewers gradually learned that if they roasted their barley, the resulting beer was better: though they didn’t realize it, the addition of roasted barley had the effect of lowering the pH. Water, the Foundation of Beer Brewing has traditionally been an activity based on local materials.Light lagers, a less flavorful spin-off of the pilsner style, are clean, light-bodied, lightly hopped with a crisp malt character.

Brewers in this country have invigorated American beer by drawing from the brewing traditions of many countriesthen blending and bending the styles for American audiences. As a result, there are probably more beers and a greater range of styles available here in the Triangle than there are in any European capital. I But that means that American beer lovers also have to make sense of a greater variety than drinkers in any other country. German beer drinkers won’t understand the distinctions between English pale ale and India pale ales. English beer drinkers won’t have to discriminate between Belgian dubbel and tripel ales, Belgians won’t face a choice between a German klsch and a helles. American shoppers can face all of these choices and more at a single retailer’s store.